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Arion the rocking horse by AutumnCreekFarms


As Noctis will be completing his Coming of Age Ritual in Y764 {Early Autumn}, I want to get his class in the herd 

4 deviants said Warrior
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Wish List and Dream horses/fawnling

:bulletblack: - Most likely will never happen; :bulletred: - haven't found horses for YET, :bulletorange: - In the works, :bulletgreen: - Obtained


:bulletblack: Smoky Grulla Tiger Roan with dark "red" Chimeric and maybe with dark brindle [Starter mainly] {Nordanner}

- Stripey black or seal bay coated purebred BW

- Brago purebred baby

- A dark chestnut like:…,… or…

- chestnut like:…

King Kazma by Miss-DicessKing Kazma by Miss-Dicess




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Plz help save Vinny{mutation. Nords-others 4 sale}

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2016, 5:07 PM


      Vinny - Smile by BVS-stockHelp save Vinny - read description- by BVS-stock {More images and a vid below}

Well, recently a family friend found out that her horse, Vinny, has Ethmoid hematoma.


She has tried as many treatments as her usual vet has suggested but non of it worked and this one vet suggested a procedure that costs a lot.

Now our friend is trying to raise enough money to do a procedure to help save her horse from having to be put down as it's not just about obvious reasons but because he's so young and deserves to live a happy long life

He has a really-really hard time breathing because of this
{All of you should know that horses love to run especially when they feel frisky and this boy definitely loves to run which makes his nose bleed and makes it hard to breath, it's rather painful for us to hear every time we go visit him}.

  • :note: GoFundMe Link here; Link

  • :new: I have images and video of his nose here; Link

If you could donate and share, it would be very much appreciated. I'm selling some horses and will sell slots to any of my nordanners {or other horses that require money}.

Payment Rules:

  • Must comment to let me know before you send money to the donation on what horse you want or I'll assume you were just donating without wanting anything which is fine too.

  • You can try to talk me down a little but some of these horses I am hesitant on selling especially since we're not even close to our goal to save Vinny :/

  • I'll ask you to advertise but its not a must but it would be very much appreciated as well.

  • How will I know if you paid? You're going to tell me your name or you can leave a small message with your deviantart username with a little word of encouragement for Vinny or something :)


Horses I'm willing to sell: {OBO}

:note: Please comment before sending the money to the donation, those who buy these horses can do what they want with them and will not have to ask for permission to sell them {please screenshot this just in case as I have a bad memory}.

2718 - BVS Portgas D. Burn by BVS-Isle 15$-20$

2758 - Nobile Kunai Miraggio +ref+ by BVS-Isle 25$, First dibs to:
LadyLirriea, if she wants
Dominant Appy genetics

BVS Butterfly Dreams 1396 by BVS-Isle 30$

3217 - BVS Ryu Jaganshi by BVS-Isle 15$

BVS Call to arms Zora 1336 by BVS-Isle 20$, first dibs to;

BVS Nordic Call To Arms Ballad 1471 by BVS-Isle 20$

BVS Portgas D. Card 2232 by BVS-Isle 15$

BVS Focoso Amore 2221 by BVS-Isle 15-20$

4971 - BVS Talutah Senka by BVS-Isle 25$


BVS Principessa pericolosa dell'autunno 2279 by BVS-Isle 25$


2666 - BVS Noble Graffiti Mistress by BVS-Isle15$ - First dibs to: NorthEast-Stables , if she wants

Mutation: Peafowl

3328 - Ty The Tasmanian Tiger by BVS-Isle 3328 - design by BVS-Isle  20$ - First dibs to: JumpingTheStorm or bedfordblack, if either of them want him.

Mutation: Tabby

4712 - BVS The Egyptian Queen by BVS-Isle 20$

Mutation: Zebra

4874 - BVS Mr. Hat-and-Clogs by BVS-Isle15$

4524 - BVS Land of Departure by BVS-Isle 5 
or 10$

5873 - BVS Ling Mei-Lien by BVS-Isle 25-30$, first dibs to;
Utakame or Argentievetri, if either want


BVS Guerriero di mezzanotte 1801 by BVS-Isle 35 or 40$, first dibs to; HorseGeek1997
I'm sorry hun, I love Amadeus, I really do but I really want to help save Vinny from having to be put down at such a young age when he's such a great horse

Mutation: Fawn

BVS Venotic Gear by BVS-Isle   5 $

Breeding slots: for sale:

Dom.Mutations range from; 30$ or 35$ {to be able to create a dom mutation foal} (AI Breedings)If the dominant horse as a mate but you want a dom foal, you would have to pay; 35$

If the dominant horse has no mate, it's 30$'s to create a dom mutation foal

Dom. Mutation range from; 25$ or 29$ {To be able to create a non-dom mutation foal} (AI Breedings).

Dom. mutation who has a mate but you're wanting to use another horse to create the non-dom, is 29$

A dom. mutation who does not have a mate but you want to create a non-dom foal is 25$'s 

Single gene'd mutation horses are 20$, 25$ or 35$

Single mutations who are being bred to create a dom are 35$ -doesn't matter if they have a mate or not-

Single mutations who are bred to create a single gened foal that's not with its mate; 25$

Single mutations who breed to their mate are; 20$

For non mutation horses;

Horses being bred with their mate; 5-15$ {depending how long/short the foals lineage is}

Horses being bred to a horse that's not their mate; 15-20$ {depends on how long/short the foals lineage is}

:note: For peafowl friesian's or any of my other horses you can go; Mares or Studs


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Elklings Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!
TheNapier Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015
A2002 New ref due 01/05/16
BVS-Isle Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2015   General Artist
A2002? That's not SEGA's foal, In fact he's not even a foal of any of my horses o_o

SEGA's foal is ADLG's An Oir'Spear A2452  ....

Sire: BVS Satisfying The Era God Again 7296 {SEGA}
Dam: ES Aesira 7690 

A2002 is a cemophora stud that's parents are
Sire: DM's lil' Widowmaker 1550 owned by Serenade-Thirdhand
Dam: METS Miss Royal Dior 6521  owned by MiusEmpire 
TheNapier Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015
Oh, I got the cemo slot I got from you confused with the Tiger Roan. I'll send her over and you can send Caime back. :XD:
BVS-Isle Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015   General Artist
A2002's Ref is now due on 01/05/16
BVS-Isle Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015   General Artist
Lol. I'll note them now x)
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BVS Isle seal bay skeletal tribal comission by DemiWolfe
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