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Water monster and fire by BVS-Isle Water monster and fire :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 3 0 Xanxus - Design Holder by BVS-Isle Xanxus - Design Holder :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 3 2 BVS Royalty of OZ | Saddle doe | HARPG by BVS-Isle BVS Royalty of OZ | Saddle doe | HARPG :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 3 0
What did you do before winter
Featuring: Cerberus and Prompto
Mentions: Xerx [NPC], Shura [NPC], Wisp [NCP], Shez [NPC], Molimo [NPC] and Indirectly refers/mentions; Morgoth
Y768, Early Winter
Blackwood, Three-Headed Hounds Lair

It began to snow weeks ago, the silver maned stag had begun to worry about the eccentric striped doe as he had not seen her for a long while. Was she dead? Did she find a different group of Blackwood's to train with? Was he just having bad luck at crossing paths with her? He had asked everyone they trained with including his two partners in crime. Shez and Wisp. The two warrior stags had not seen her in the
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An unwelcomed playful doe and an offer

Featuring: Ferrous and Cerberus
Mentions: May mention others
Y768, Summer
Blackwood, Near Widow’s Hollow

He wore the tiny, velvet-wrapped pricket upon his head with pride. Though it was honestly nothing at all to be proud about - so small, only two single tines, and not even past his ears. Doe horns, honestly - but in Blackwood, does were regarded as great anyways, and Ferrous was proud not for the horns, but for the permission they represented. When the chilly seasons came, Ferrous would be with the other young fawnling's, as they ventured out on their Trial.
His mother had kicked him out of her hollow in the spring, when the first green grasses had sprouted and Ferrous was off
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Karmanereus| Filly | Herd member

Character (c) me
Spotlighthaunter emoticonBasic Information: haunter emoticonSpotlight

       Name, Origin and Pronunciation:
Bullet; Black Karmanereus


{{Setup: Bullet; Red - Hates/Dislikes, Bullet; Orange - Doesn't really care/is okay,  Bullet; Green - they likes, Bullet; Yellow - Alias, Bullet; Purple 
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Karmanereus| Filly | Herd member by BVS-Isle Karmanereus| Filly | Herd member :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 8 2
Royal fillies at play

Featuring: Lady Airlia and Princess Kusanagi
Mentions: May mention others.
Y768, Late Spring
Glenmore, Within new oak territory.

Lady Airlia:

Airlia skipped along the glade, happily chasing a butterfly. The young lady had been napping in her father's glade with Naos earlier when such a creature landed on her nose. It wasn't the exact same butterfly that landed on her nose mind you, but it did make her want to go out and about.
With a little bit of begging to her mother, Lady Laini agreed to let her go out running around within the royal glades. And so she decided to go off searching for the type of creature that awoke her from her land of dreams. Eventually she found one flying nearby, the soft flapping of the wings c
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Absolon|Hart| Lordling by BVS-Isle Absolon|Hart| Lordling :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 4 8 Kazma| Hart | Renegade by BVS-Isle Kazma| Hart | Renegade :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 3 12
Blackwood in Oakfern's paint

Featuring: Enne and Cerberus
May mention others.
Y768, Spring
Between the proving grounds and redwater

Enne had another herb day planned Just like usual he stretched and gathered the pouch his mother had given him.  He climbs out from his dark tiny little den. “I should really work out a bigger den….” He shrugged and headed down the tunnels passing by stags, does, and fawns. Occasionally hed stop by an elder’s den. “I’m going to bring you back some herbs.” He would say. He would always say it with a smile.
Enne made his way through twists and turns for about a good hour or more before he finally made it to a cave exit. This time it was on the Bl
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Of berries and fruit

Featuring: Valravn and Kleintjie
Mentions: may mention others
Year 768 of the New Age, Spring
Glenmore, Between the Oldegrove and the ridgeback range

Spring was a time of beauty and new life, but at times the days were dreary from dark clouds and rain. When it rained, most fawnlings would retreat to their private glades and dens, snuggling up as they waited for the storm to pass. Kleintjie would have done the same, but instead the dark doe was making her way towards the border.
This time, however, she was prepared. Clutched in her mouth was a small bag which contained fermented fruit, snuck from Jaspar when the pale lord had not been looking. The thief had been hard on her conscious, for being caught would have terrible cons
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Florenza-x-Nuallaneki fawn - Lord Absolon by BVS-Isle Florenza-x-Nuallaneki fawn - Lord Absolon :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 9 8 Morgoth+Cerby fawn by BVS-Isle Morgoth+Cerby fawn :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 10 22 Anything his lady wants by BVS-Isle Anything his lady wants :iconbvs-isle:BVS-Isle 8 4
A nice encounter
Featuring: Mesiah, Zevi and Nyx
Mentions: May mention others
Y766, Spring
Blackwood, Close to Widow's Hollow

Mesiah sighed in relief as he finally got rest his tired hooves, it would seem that having a two year old fawn running about was harder than it looked. It was now that his respect for does and there patience with the fawns grew greatly as he himself was growing tired of his fawns constant humming and frolicking about. Why could she just stand still a moment? Was it really that hard a task.
Lifting his head as he heard the fawn hit the ground with a ‘oof’ he was prepared to go and check on her before the young soot
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So I’m thinking of turning Kazma (piebald fawnling) into a HARPG char as well. What gender? 

5 deviants said Doe
2 deviants said Stag







Artist | Varied
United States
Brago by Eternityspool


Commission OPEN by SakuraMelodii *Hesitantly*
Art Trades OPEN [BOWS] by SakuraMelodii *Hesitantly*
Collabs Open [BOWS] by SakuraMelodii *Hesitantly*


Light shines.... by TalonV
Wrestle by KimboKah Katana Page Doll by AhernStables
Neve with Text by AnimalArtKingdom Genesis -With Text by AnimalArtKingdom
BVSIsle WTF Baby by Heca-Bitch4Life
Leon Baby by Heca-Bitch4Life Notte Di Il Sanguinoso Neve by Heca-Bitch4Life


Heads up *Update*

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 12, 2017, 7:41 PM

Will be going to a horse show this weekend, starting tomorrow morning. I'll be helping out and showing at least on one of the days we're there. Will be back Sunday night. :)

I'm back, this weekend wasn't so great. Got to finally see the biased side of showing. So this show wasn't a "regular show", it's a "schooling show" but still, you're there to better yourself and your horse but how do you better yourself when the judges are; 1. incompetent at their "job" or 2. biased/political (especially the most obvious ones).

Also, I can't believe what trainers are coming to for these younger riders. This one lady told her student to ride up another horses ass constantly and when the girl is asked NOT to do that by the rider she's following, all the girl did was shrug like she didn't give a shit and kept doing it.

Ugh people man.

Skin by SimplySilent


Welp this day is slowly turning bad..
So I'm opening commissions. Lines, headshots, bust shots, full body. Only of horses and fawnling's. Background is extra. Offer away, price may depend on complexity of character. Accessories are also extra.

Chibi/MLP style is also available. Slots are limited for now.
Sorry for the lack of activity, this months been pretty busy and stressful but this weekend I had a surprise visit from my boyfriend and spent time with him in Orlando and went to a movie before he left this morning.  So I'll be trying to get responses done ASAP, if I haven't responded yet, send me a note with a link to the lit collaborations that I need to answer :)
*sighs* well everything went smoothly during the hurricane but today our 6 year old mare was in the big pasture with her buddy and the person who brings the horses in, in the afternoon, called my mom to notify her Our mare was limping and that her knee is swollen, so at the moment waiting for the vet to come check on her after her next two clients. Mom arrived before I did (since she works near by the barn then where we leave) and helped the person who brought our girl in to rinse her off abd put her in her stall. She seems okay for now, has her hay bag and happily munching on it..

-UPDATE- The vet said he thinks its some sort of abscess on her front left leg, he said worse case scenario is a coffin bone fracture... He did lunge her and said she didn't seem in pain at all when she was trotting, she's only limping at a walk. He'll be checking on it Monday to see if she's any better. He told us what we needed to do, so wish us luck
*sighs* well that really sucks, gotta love new rule changes. So now looking for a rank unlock token or bacon :|



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